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In this elegantly printed volume, Chef Roberto Revel shares his expertise garnered from the world’s finest restaurants, applied to crafting dishes that showcase the potential of Special Ingredients. The book features 39 Molecular Cuisine recipes, thoughtfully categorized. Each recipe highlights whether it is vegan or gluten-free, along with preparation time and cooking temperature. Additionally, Revel provides a brief note on the primary ingredient and the specific Special Ingredient used.
Let’s delve into some of the tantalizing recipes from this book:

  1. Breads and Pastries:
    • Beetroot Focaccia (featuring Beetroot Powder)
    • Slow-Rise Bread (enhanced with Crisp Film)
    • Neapolitan Crispy Pizza (infused with Sunflower Lecithin)
    • Steamed Bacon Buns (with Bacon Flavour Drops)
    1. Appetizers:
      • Bacon and Nasturtium Button (using Agar Agar)
      • Potato Waffle (created with Ultratex)
      • Fried Potato Roses (accentuated by Beetroot Powder)
      • Potato Rocks (crafted using Maltodextrin)
      • Swordfish Bear Cubs (held together by Transglutaminase)
      1. First Courses:
      • Garlic, Oil, and Chili Stones (textured with Maltodextrin)
      • Liquid-Filled Ravioli (emulsified with Sunflower Lecithin)
      • Black and White Risotto (colored by Activated Charcoal)
      • Pea Risotto (enhanced with Liquid Smoke)
      • Garlic and Oil Spaghetti (thickened using Zorbit)
      • The Future (a Molecular Cuisine Kit)
      1. Main Courses:
      • Polenta, Taleggio, and… (bound by Kappa Carrageenan)
      • Zucchini Blossoms (textured with Methylcellulose)
      • Chestnut Creations (held together by Kappa Carrageenan)
      • Smoked Sea Bream (textured using Zorbit)
      • Ligurian Delight (sweetened with Powdered Glucose)
      • Pork Fillet (enhanced by Ultratex)
      1. Desserts
      • Passion Fruit Garden - Featuring Crackle Crystal al cioccolato (Chocolate Crackle Crystal)
      • Frozen Meringue - Infused with Activated Charcoal
      • Aerated Chocolate - Utilizing Soy Lecithin
      • Siphon-Infused Panettone - Enriched with Vanilla Extract
      • Spun Sugar - Crafted using Isomalto
      1. Gelato
      • Bunet-Flavored Gelato - Made with Gelato Damare pro expert mix
      • Parmigiano Reggiano Gelato - Created using Gelato Damare pro expert mix
      • Hibiscus Flower Semifreddo - Infused with Fiori di ibisco Rosella (Rosella Hibiscus Flowers)
      1. Our Friends
      • Whipped Mojito – Crafted by Massimo Viglietti (with Xanthan Gum)
      • Autumn Pearl – Created by Fabio Altieri (using Carrageenan Iota)
      • Rabbit Buttons – Designed by Mirko Ronzoni (with Xanthan Gum)
      • Whole Wheat Mezzi Paccheri – Innovated by Stefano Rota (using a Spherification Kit)
      • Monkfish Terrine – Crafted by William Zanchi (with Ascorbic Acid)
      • Pork Loin with Porcini Mushrooms – Curated by Jacopo Lovisolo (using Xanthan Gum)
      • Chestnuts, Mushrooms, and… – Imagined by Alessandro Garrè (with Methocel)
      • Lemon Tartlet – Conceived by Paolo Musna (using Carrageenan Kappa)
      • Baked Apple – Crafted by Andrea Cortinovis (with Easy Whip)
      • Pina colada – Designed by Flavio Bardelli (using Agar Agar)
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